January Non-Fiction: Business, Branding, and Writing


Enjoyed all three of these: Branding Basics for Small Biz by Maria Ross, How to Write Copy that Sells by Ray Edwards, and Impressions by Coyte G. Cooper, PhD.

January’s been all about non-fiction, and work-related non-fiction especially. I’m not even halfway through one novel (The Good Lawyer), but I’ve finished three books on copywriting, marketing, and  branding. And I’m pleased to report all have been valuable – So valuable I plan to reread at least two of them, hopefully again this year.

With the current political climate, it’s nice to escape to reading that has nothing to do with current events and doesn’t include anyone’s opinion about politics.

Unfortunately, I felt a bit like Ross did inject subtlety her political views. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt though: If it weren’t for the heightened political tension right now, I might not have noticed a thing. I’m ultra-sensitive to it all now and I feel it’s tough to escape, so anytime I get that “uh oh, someone has an opinion about something political” feeling, I tend to recoil. Edwards and Cooper had absolutely no political agenda and the information they gave was straightforward and utilitarian without being dry (at all. Both were incredibly easy and enjoyable reads).

To be clear, I still enjoyed Branding Basics, and the information far outweighed any irritation I felt, warranted or otherwise.  I’m just weary and need a break, and I’d guess I’m not alone.

So anyway, if you’re looking for books that make marketing and branding simple to understand and apply, or you want to improve your copywriting skills, or you want help with all three and more, as is the case with me, I’d recommend all three of these books.

Next month I plan to focus more on organizing my office and the rest of the house, and I already have at least one book on tap to go with that theme. And I still have a few work-related non-fiction books left in my Amazon cart, which will hopefully be as satisfying as these.

How did your January wrap up reading-wise?

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