Item(s) Spotlight: New Books in My Etsy Shop

I’ve added a slew of new old books to my Etsy shop, including this one that listed as really valuable.

Many of these came from the same collection (as noted by the bookplate on the inner cover, and don’t even get me started on bookplates…), and I still have several more to list, including a leather-bound illustrated edition of Lowell’s Poetical Works from the late 1800s and a first edition of The Thornbirds.

I also have a first edition Interview with a Vampire with the mustard yellow jacket. I’ve seen it valued at everything between $8 and $1000+ dollars, so if you know anything about Anne Rice, first editions, or valuable books in general, feel free to share your information below. I plan to take it to a local bookseller when a get a chance and from there, who knows?

Two other exciting additions were this illustrated copy of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass and a German language book that is completely incomprehensible to me but is a gorgeous shade of blood red.

As always, if you make your way to the shop from my blog and decide to buy anything, or you’d like a crack at something before it’s listed, message me and we can discuss.

Happy Easter and enjoy your weekend!

About Kelly Jamrozy

Writer. Traveler. Reader. Wife. Daughter. Friend. Puppy caretaker. Lover of baseball, Counting Crows, and steamed crabs.
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