Creating a Productive Work Space

As a freelance writer, or anyone who works from home, you probably understand the importance of a quality work space. Whether you have a full room in your home for an office or your desk is in a common space, the area in which you work can make or break your success. Productivity and inspiration require a productive and inspired work space.

Personalize Your Space

Each person’s work space should be personalized, but there are things everyone should include. Comfortable seating and a sturdy desk are necessities. Most freelancers have these two items before they even launch their businesses. Files, pens, a computer, and a telephone are also necessities. No matter what system of organization you choose, these are items that help you stay on track.

In addition to office necessities, you need to create an inspiring space. This is accomplished with photos, inspirational quotes, art, or work from people you admire. Most people use a blend of these things to create an inspiring work space.

My Space

The space I have for working in my home is a blessing. My husband and I bought a three bedroom home and there are only two of us, which means we each have an office. My space is filled with books, photos, and items that inspire great memories. I have an entire shelf filled with inspirational items, ranging from my favorite childhood book to my grandmother’s journal to a photo of the aunt who encouraged me to write. Some days these items blend into the background, but other days, I spend time looking at them and reminiscing. Regardless how much attention I give the items, there is comfort knowing they are close at hand, offering inspiration.

What items do you keep in your work space for inspiration? Is there anything you would like to improve in your office? What do you reach for (literally or figuratively) when you need a reminder why you decided to pursue freelance writing?

Friday I’ll feature the blog’s first writing prompt. Readers are welcome to link to their responses or just use the prompts for a little extra motivation. In most cases, the prompts will focus on the week’s (loose) theme. Hopefully, this will help readers organize their thoughts and decide if any changes are in order. Thanks for reading and see you Friday!

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