Organizing Your Space

This isn’t my house, but it might as well be.

I have already discussed the importance of your work space and why you need to write in an inspiring place. Now I want to take a look at organizing that space. It goes along with last week’s entry about finding time to look after your home and health when you are self employed.

I doubt it comes as any surprise that my home office is currently kind of a mess. From a living in the home standpoint, it’s tolerable. It is not dirty and you can move from space to space. However, from a working in the home standpoint, it’s miserable.

Using the Space

Part of the problem is the space is used for more than one task. Actually, right now it isn’t used for anything but storage. I have boxes of various stuff in the room, but my  intention is to use the space for craft supplies, books, mementos and photos, and anything related to my business. The space is 50% work and 50% other stuff. (I estimate lower for tax purposes, just in case, but if you claim your work space, be sure you understand the rules.) In a perfect world I would stroll into my office each morning with a cup of coffee and a boundless energy to work. The space would feel comfortable for several hours and at the end of the day I’d pack up shop and move onto other things in my life.

Perfectly Aligned

In my reality, I work in the basement or sitting room. I get distracted, I carry my computer and other work papers from room to room, and I doubt my sanity on a daily basis. I also get frustrated because I’m missing something. Unless I’m in a professional office there will be a part of me that doubts my ability to grow my writing business.

This is the point where if we were speaking face to face, I’d pause for dramatic effect.

Instead, I’ll just tell you that it is time for me to commit to getting my office in order. When I first began working at home I worked in my office everyday. The thrill of things was new and eventually things got rolling and I was no longer wide-eyed about working from home. I need to get back to that original excitement and combine it with my much larger portfolio.

Along with getting my time management in order and fitting exercise in as frequently as possible, organizing my office is on my list of things to do before the end of the year. Look for updates with photos in the coming weeks!

One more unrelated thing: My hometown team, the Baltimore Orioles, played post-season baseball for the first time since 1997 last week. Fifteen years ago when that happened I was working for the team and now I’m a writer and 800 miles away from Camden Yards. I want to publicly acknowledge how relieved I am to know there is a bright future for Baltimore baseball and express the pride I feel for what the team accomplished in 2012.

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