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I’ve been contemplating whether or not to make things less formal on the blog, but wasn’t sure of the exact direction to go. I make a reasonable effort keeping my personal and professional lives separate, especially for things for things like Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest, but sometimes I feel things are too dry and boring.

I recently facilitated our May meeting with the Health & Wellness Business Owners of SE Wisconsin group and the discussion included drawing the line between our personal and professional lives in social media. It’s a common concern and how I’ll blend the two remains a work in progress. Regardless where this eventually leads, I thought this idea was an acceptable foray into personalizing something professional. And so the Recent Favorites section of this blog is born!

Feel free to share your current favorite items that get you through writing sessions, a day of working, or life in general. This isn’t a new idea by any stretch, but I thought it would be fun to put a writing spin on things. ~Enjoy.~

Favorite Gadget: My Double-Walled BPA-Free Cup

securedownload-2It seems simple enough, drinking water out of a cup, but it gets complicated when you want one that is very large, made of non-breakable material, with a lid to avoid spilling on your laptop, and preferably not going to kill you with chemical residue. This is why this cup is so exciting. It came with its own straw, but I gunked it up with banana smoothie and had to replace it with this snazzy orange number.

Favorite Tea: Hibiscus

And the best drink to enjoy from the DWBbaF Cup? Right now it’s hibiscus tea. I finally tried one of the Very Berry Hibiscus Refreshers from Starbucks a few weeks ago and while it was a little too sweet for my liking, there was something about it I really enjoyed. It was the hibiscus. Luckily, I was able to make my own unsweetened version at home with Tazo Iced Passion tea with hibiscus flowers, herbs, and fruit essences.securedownload I also picked up a few other hibiscus varieties and I’m hoping to find a loose leaf tea version the next time I’m at the tea store. To learn more about  tea, visit this site.

Favorite Inspiration: My Vision Board

securedownload-4I’ve been thinking about creating a vision board for awhile now and the cleaning out of my magazine collection finally flipped the switch. I’m not completely convinced it’s a magic solution or that manifesting solves every problem, but it was fun to make, I feel happy when I look at it, and I did manage to snag a few unexpected assignments once it was made. It also reminded me all week to update my blogs and continue to chip away at the ebook project in the works.

Favorite Project: Benefits of Berries

13532563196va5bEvery now and then a project comes along that is nearly perfect. This month it was two articles about raspberry ketones. The client was pleasant and gave specific directions, but left a bit of room for creativity. The topic was health-related, which is my favorite, and since I’d written about the benefits of raspberries in the past, I needed to do only quick research. Finally, the payment for the article was a respectable wage for a writer and the client was quick to issue payment. I’m hoping to work with her again in the future, even if it is just on the occasional basis. She’s building an online and brick and mortar business, so she’s a busy lady.

And finally…

Favorite Quote:

At any given moment you have the power to say “this is not how the story is going to end.” ~Christine Mason Miller

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