Priorities, Priorities, Priorities…

When I first launched this blog to accompany the site for KBJ Writing, my goal was to post twice a week, plus the Friday writing prompt. I still intend to do that, but it’s been tough. Some weeks are going to be better than others, but I’m noticing a pattern.

Each day I wake up with three basic priorities. Accomplish as much work as possible , manage my home, and maintain my health. This usually boils down to a few specifics: meet work deadlines and update here, do the dishes and cook dinner, and workout for at least an hour. Unfortunately, I rarely get beyond these without giving up something. And many days I don’t even squeeze all of these in.

Managing Time

Admittedly, this has a lot to do with time management. I could get more done if I did things differently, so I’m trying to change. I get bored easily and that leads to distraction, which leads to wasting a lot of time. In addition to time wasting, things take longer than I anticipate or little things creep up that eat time here and there. It all leaves me behind on my to-do list, but more troubling, it means I have to sacrifice one of those three original goals. My house gets messy, exercise is cut from the schedule, or I get to only a portion of my daily work to-do list.

This is not about making excuses. I know my actions and time mismanagement is the reason for this, but I’m working on creating a better scenario. I have been working from home for more than three years, but have just recently begun prioritizing health and fitness higher on my list. I’m also lucky in that I have no children and I have no pressing burdens eating up my time. I am in complete control, so I need to get control of my time.

Am I Alone?

I’m guessing, though, I’m not the only person working from home who is struggling with creating balance and designing the perfect healthy, productive scenario.

What are your thoughts? Do you awaken in the morning with the best of plans, only to fall asleep at night wishing you’d done more? Or have you perfected the work-home-health balance? Would you want to hear tips from others or are you at a total loss and in need of a complete daily schedule makeover? Let me know your thoughts!

About Kelly Jamrozy

Writer. Traveler. Reader. Wife. Daughter. Friend. Puppy caretaker. Lover of baseball, Counting Crows, and steamed crabs.
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