Favorite Baseball Books

Free Commercial Pic_Camden_YardsIn honor of the beginning of the 2016 baseball season, I thought I’d throw together a quick list of my favorite baseball books. Feel free to comment and add your own – there are plenty of great options available!

  1. Squeeze Play by Jane Leavy (At 13, this was the first baseball novel I ever read and fairly scandalous for an impressionable young girl!)
  2. Wait till Next Year by Doris Kearns Goodwin (Probably my favorite, Kearns Goodwin captures everything great about the game from a female perspective.)
  3. The Might Have Been by Joe Schuster (Just finished this one and really enjoy it.)
  4. Rex Barney’s Thank Youuuu for 50 Years in Baseball from Brooklyn to Baltimore by Rex Barney and Norman L. Macht (Rex was the kindest man I’ve ever known and the time I spent watching games with him in the press box are some of my greatest baseball memories.)
  5. From 33rd Street to Camden Yards: An Oral History of the Baltimore Orioles (Great book for reliving the good old days or reading about them, depending on how long you’ve been an O’s fan.)

About Kelly Jamrozy

Writer. Traveler. Reader. Wife. Daughter. Friend. Puppy caretaker. Lover of baseball, Counting Crows, and steamed crabs.
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