Commitment and Focus

On a day like today it’s difficult not to feel like a cliche. For instance, here’s my to-do list for this afternoon:

  • Search for The Eat Clean Diet by Tosca Rena at the used book store
  • Buy a 2013 planner
  • Return to the gym
  • Put away Christmas decorations
  • Write upcoming events into new planner

There isn’t a single thing on my list that isn’t “typical” for any new year. Of course, my return to the gym is after only a two-week holiday hiatus and I’ve been meaning to buy that book for several months now.

It just seems as if so many of us start new years off with activities that are little more than cliches. Even writing about it seems like a cliche.

So why don’t we all do ourselves a favor and not be cliche-like today? Set goals as if it’s mid-June, be reasonable with your expectations, and really commit to things instead of just running at things and giving up by February.

If this means you can only create one goal for the moment, so be it. It’s better to stick to one thing than give up on a dozen. If you feel you are ready to take on a full-life renovation, go for it, but do a little soul searching and determine if now is really the right time for so many changes.

I’m not usually one to recommend moving forward slowly and with caution, but I’m also not a fan of empty promises. This is where commitment and focus come in. Without them 2013 will be just a continuation of the previous year.

Do you have any resolutions? Feel free to share them, but more importantly, share what you plan to do to stick with them. Are you making changes in your schedule to fit something in? Are you planning to read books or enroll in classes or learn something new? In a time when everybody is sharing their what, join in the conversation below and share your how!


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Writer. Traveler. Reader. Wife. Daughter. Friend. Puppy caretaker. Lover of baseball, Counting Crows, and steamed crabs.
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