Choosing a Continuing Education Class

Recently, I decided to search for continuing education opportunities. I’m open to any subject that helps with business growth, so in addition to brushing up on writing skills, I’ve considered marketing, building websites, SEO, and magazine writing.

The trouble is with all of the options available, I’m overwhelmed and not sure where to go next. If you think continuing education will help your writing career, but you are having a tough time choosing a class, consider the following:


Classes are available in all price ranges, so it shouldn’t be a problem finding something that fits your budget. Eliminate classes that are too expensive. They might be worth the cost, but if you cannot afford it, the class is not an option. Also, do not assume free classes are a waste of time. There are plenty containing a lot of great information.


Your first priority must be your business, so determine how much time you have for continuing education. If a class contains information that leads to increased earnings in the future, it is worth sacrificing right now. Make sure you have a backup plan if you fall behind in earnings while focusing on continuing ed.


Before committing to a class, learn everything you can about the instructor. The instructor should have experience and the credentials to back up any of claims made about the class. Search for reviews from previous students to help you determine how much value a class offers.


The format of a class determines how the information is delivered and how the lessons are presented. Eventually, you might find you prefer one format over another, but initially opt for something that will not be terribly time consuming or weigh you down with excessive paperwork.

After considering each of these factors, I have yet to make a final decision. I’ve found a few stand-out options, but I continue to get caught up in daily work and time is passing by. If you have any suggestions or you have taken a class that has been helpful, let me know. I might as well add a few more choices to my list!

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